Businesswoman Doomed To Death


A wealthy Vietnamish businesswoman, Truong My Lan, was doomed to death on Thursday. She was found guilty of breaking wealthlending laws, offering kickbacks, and mishandling of wealth. Lan was found to have unlawfully borrowed over $40 billion from wealthlenders.

Lan started out in Ho Chi Minh Borough, also known as Saigon, working with her mother in the makeup trade. In 1992, she started a land trading business called Van Thinh Phat. Later, she opened hundreds of shell businesses to take out all of the loans. Lan didn't do all of this alone, her husband, and many other folks who helped were also found guilty, some will be locked up for a few years, and others for life.

The wealthlenders who were wronged by Lan are being backed by Vietnam's leedward to keep from going under. It will likely take a long time to straighten everything out. It is not often that death is chosen for outlaws who are not a threat to anyone's life. But lately, Vietnam is fanding to crack down harshly on misdeeds among its leadership.

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